After leaving advertising in 2011, Joshua Stephenson, founded Bright Mediums with one goal in mind: let's do apps.

Since then the company has grown into a team of experienced, collaborative and capable software engineers. Together we are building apps and connected experiences and having fun doing it. We work primarily with startups, agencies and creative innovation shops.

We have 3 core principles:


Have you noticed how simple some of the most popular apps are? Take Instagram for example. The list of features they don't support is much longer than the list of features they do. We think less is more and we'll work with you to find the right feature set to make your app or game successful.


It's not enough to have an app that works. It needs to work well, and customer data needs to be protected.


Certainly every product team's goal is to have millions of users. After the product launches, how confident are you that your app and web-services can handle the load of a million users when the times comes?


"Working with Bright Mediums has doubled our confidence in creative offerings. Their technical expertise has informed our creative process and mobile strategy."

- Colleen Decourcy, Socialistic

"If you're wanna build an app. Talk to Bright Mediums."

- Ian Schaeffer, DeepFocus

"Bright Mediums is our go-to tech partner. They are fun to work with and their expertise extends well beyond our expectations of a technology vendor."

- Gavin Hall, TED