Beginning iOS Programming Episode 6 - How to Make a Cat Button App

In this episode you'll learn how to make a cat button app. One button, one image, infinite cats.

This project will teach you a number of crucial topics including:

  • interacting with web-services
  • working with images
  • downloading things
  • using a background thread
  • updating the UI on the main thread
  • responding to user actions
  • using activity indicators and much more!

You will need XCode 9 for this tutorial. We will be working in Swift 4 and targeting iOS 11. The code for this and all episodes can be found here on github:

In the next episode we will learn how to interact with a basic web service while making a cat button app. Stay tuned and feel free to follow us on Twitter for updates: @brightmediums.

Beginning iOS Programming Episode 3 - MVC - Your First Data Model

In this episode you'll learn about MVC (Model View Controller) architecture. We'll continue with the Elements tableview app from episode 2, so make sure to watch it first. You'll learn:

  • The difference between models, views and controllers
  • How to create a model
  • What the "!" means on class properties
  • The difference between a class and an instance method and how to create them
  • Working with arrays using a for loop and .map
  • Using NSNumbers

You can download the code from this episode here.

In the next episode we will create 2 styles of primary navigation used in all the most popular apps. Stay tuned and feel free to follow us on Twitter for updates: @brightmediums.